Maps & Aerials

  A promotional drawn aerial from Euro Disney Resort.
I have scanned this one in two sizes:
1250×853 (605 KB)
2499×1685 (2.41 MB)

  The 1992 map.

2.1 solution

  The 1994 map. Take a look at the new attractions (Indiana, Aladdin, Casey and Storybookland), and the dry walkway (the dotted line).

  An aerial picture form an early Euro Disney brochure.

  A map that could be found in the Michelin guide about 'Euro Disney Resort' from 1992.

  A beautiful aerial picture of Disneyland Park. It gives a nice look backstage. (This picture has been edited by someone before I got it. As you can see, there is a Dumbo ride placed in Adventureland).

  An aerial picture from a higher level.

  Here you can see the new Shopping Centre and the Walt Disney Studios.

  This picture shows the Walt Disney Studios under construction.

  I composed this aerial picture of several screendumps from Gerard Halary's site. This picture is available in two sizes:
2000 × 1667 (736 KB)
4500 × 3750 (3.6 MB)

  Here I zoomed in on Gerard Halary's map, focussing on Disneyland Park. This picture is large, about 2.8 MB (3010 ×2984).

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